Do you need help identifying sites/investigators for a clinical study?
Forum Uppsala-Örebro offers assistance in identifying sites/investigators interested in conducting clinical studies within our healthcare region.
The initiative is being set-up and forms part of the national development effort "Coordination of feasibilities”. This is an offer intended primarily for those who do not have established contacts or who want to expand their regional reach. The purpose of the initiative is to facilitate that clinical study requests reach a broader range of potentially interested sites and investigators throughout Sweden.

In the Uppsala-Örebro healthcare region study request is sent to
Include as much information as possible without the requirement of a signed confidentiality agreement (so called Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement, or CDA). Brief information that facilitates an efficient process includes the following: 

  • Therapeutic area and primary purpose of the trial
  • Trial phase (I-IV)
  • Trial substance/drug/product or equivalent
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Suggested clinics as well as potential requirements for specialty skills and/or equipment
  • Time and enrolment plan
  • If Sweden is chosen as a country
  • Name of site or investigator who the request has already been sent to
  • Last day for interested clinics to respond
  • Contact person and contact details to sponsor

If needed, additional information or clarifications related to the above may be requested before the clinical study request is sent to the healthcare region's network.

The six regional nodes have different procedures to handle clinical study requests. This means that the response process may differ. In some cases, a joint answer will be submitted from the node. In other cases, direct contact will be initiated by interested investigators. Please contact each node for more information.

Email addresses to the regional nodes:
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